Our Technology

ULTRA PURE SOLUTIONS puts heart and soul into developing technology and improving products under the mission to become the most trustworthy manufacturer with providing the most advanced products.

24 Hour Natural Water Circulation System

Our water purification system is designed to allow water to continuously flow for 24 hours
within the water purifier by adapting a natural circulation method for fresh water every day. (Water out: 180ml hr)


ACS (Auto Cleaning System)

Prevent contamination by automatically draining water in the tank every 4 days.

Optionally installed UV sterilizer helps users to always drink clean and safe water as any chemical and electrolysis equipment is not used.


Stability of automatic water leakage prevention

  • Safe water leakage stop valve provides safety of performance.

  • This valve shuts off the source water by detecting water leakage inside of the unit automatically.

  • Operating as mechanical valve does not need supply of electricity. This can be stably operating even power is cut.

  • Semipermanent use by removing stagnant water in the valve.

Contactless water level sensing technology

Contactless water level sensing technology Reliable sensing technology to detect water level of tank without touching water directly.


OLC (Optical Level Controller)

  • Sensing water level of tank by using reflection of light by water

  • Stable water level detecting

  • Prevention of water contamination


Capacitive water level sensor

  • Sensing water level by detecting permittivity of water

  • Providing reliable sensing ability at any circumstance

  • Perfect improvement against ability degradation from scale

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